Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Moon Fantasy - the end is near

Here are a couple of photos that I took over the last weekend, I had this totally relaxing stitching weekend, where it was just me, my stitching, music/dvd's and food, no distractions like internet, phones, tv, it was just me and my stitching, I am looking forward to finishing this HAED, it will be my first finish, the end is totally in sight with 400-500 stitches left to stitch, so I am getting pretty excited to get her finished.

I hope to get back to her this weekend and put the final touches into her so I can actually say that I have completed my first HAED, then bring on me getting back to Merry Christmas to all.

We have in order L to R
Friday Night, before putting a stitch in
Saturday Morning, after Friday's effort
Sunday Morning, after Saturday's effort
Sunday Evening, after Sunday's effort

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