Thursday, July 16, 2009

First page completed

PhotobucketHere she is, this is the first page completed, I finished her last Sunday, this was after 14 days/nights of work. So I am now waiting for the next page to arrive, it will be a long month, although I will start working on Gossy again to keep me busy.

In the current HAED sale I have purchased 2 patterns and I received another one from the RAK fairy, QS Blue Morpho.... this is a stunning Blue Butterfly, I am so excited about starting this pattern, I will start one of these new ones as soon as there is a completed Storykeep, may get one other non-HAED project done, then kit up my new large HAED Merry Christmas to all! I would love to start this in the next couple of months...... first though I do need to relocate my stitching bug! Where o Where can she be! Will keep you posted!

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  1. Blogger is giving me a bit of trouble...hope it works this time.

    Oh my, you stitch so fast and they are all so beautiful too. My BAPs certainly do not go this fast.