Thursday, July 2, 2009

Works in Progress

Well it has been a long time between updates, but life has been real busy, I have managed to sneak in some time stitching though, I have started the Moon Fantasy Storykeep by HAED, this is a SAL through their website, I am thrilled with my progress, I do need to go back and fill in some of the confetti stitching, I find I am prefering to stitch the blocks, then go back and fill in the gaps.

This is after 5 days/nights stitching.

The other one that I am currently working on is the Gossamer Princess Storykeep also by
HAED, this seems to be much slower progress, it is not quite growing as much as I would like it too, so I need to find some days and weeks to stitch this, there is alot more confetti stitching in this, this is after 5 days/nights stitching.

With a couple of days stitching this weekend, I am not quite sure which one will grab my attention, and entice me to pick up the needle after I have finished the RR piece of a christmas decoration......, I will keep you posted!

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